Domino Championship

Around 2:30 AM, a helicopter was circling overhead and illuminating the campground with a searchlight.  This was a common occurrence in Los Angeles and we instinctively made sure the doors were locked and the the lights off while we waited for the Sheriff to shoot it out with the bad guys.  However, this is rural Arkansas and we later found out the helicopter tried to use the campground as a landing pad for a medical evacuation.  It turned out a drunk driver had rolled his van and was severely injured.

Tomorrow, Faye will be leaving on a week-long business trip and Jeanne wanted to spend some quality time with her.  I dropped Jeanne off at Faye and Don’s house and ran some errands.  Jeanne and Faye spent the morning working in the garden — something Jeanne enjoys.  Later in the day, we all went to a local restaurant specializing in chicken.  Obviously, the place had been around for years and prominently displayed pictures of politicians and movie stars that had dined there.  Despite the many pictures of a smiling Bill Clinton surrounded by young waitresses, the meal was delicious.  There were no pictures of Hillary.

We returned to the house for the Domino Season Championship.  It was close, but my win streak remained intact and I was declared the Season Champion.

After returning to the coach, we had a long conversation with Robin, one of our campground neighbors.  She had recently moved to the area from Kansas with her husband and son.  They had already found jobs (Robin is an OR nurse) and are currently looking to buy a house.  They seem to be hard working folks with a good attitude and we have no doubt they will make it.  We found out from Robin that despite being air-lifted to the hospital, the drunk driver eventually died from his injuries.

We read a little before falling asleep.