Doing nothing

Yesterday was an errand day.

After sleeping later than usual, we had a quick breakfast and headed to Green Bay to rendezvous with Jeanne’s niece, Liz.  Meeting Liz at a Burger King, we were escorted to the house of Jeanne’s sister (Dede).  We also saw Liz’s new house, which is in moving-in and fix-up mode.  It is a nice place and we’re sure they will quickly turn it into a warm home for their family.

On the way back to the campground, we found a really nice market with good produce, meat and prices.  We stocked up, returned to the coach and got to bed early.

This morning we got a later start than usual, but eventually rolled out of bed to face the dreaded workout.  At least the cool air made running up the hills a little less challenging.  After cleaning up (which included a haircut), we prepared to do nothing for the rest of the day.

Mid-morning, we talked with two of the seasonal campers, Ed and Mary.  We really enjoyed the visit and hope to keep in touch with them.  I encouraged them to visit this web site to keep current with our travels.

For the rest of the day, we achieved our goal by doing nothing.  Well, we did get some reading done, but the most productive thing was a nap.

For dinner, we heated some brisket that had been quietly resting in our freezer since Suzi gave it to us in Springfield.  What a treat!