Dangerously close to Bakersfield

Since we planned to stay in Lodi for only one night, we arranged things for a quick departure.  After a quick breakfast, we hit the road early.

The drive was easy and the miles rolled by.  As we neared the small town of Lost Hills, we had a decision to make: should we spend one more night on the road or drive all the way to Santa Paula?  After some discussion, we decided to call it a day after 220 miles and stay in the small town of Lost Hills, which is really nothing more than an intersection of two highways in the middle of nowhere.  Fuel, food and the KOA.  That’s it.  And, the KOA was little more than water and power hookups in the middle of a sandlot.

We grilled some fish for dinner and went to bed early.  The plan was to pull out early in the morning.

At this point in our travels, we were dangerously close to the town of Bakersfield, California.  Over the years, much as been said and written about Bakersfield; none of it is good.  If you try to imagine a gritty oil town in the world’s worst location, you would visualize Bakersfield.  Over the years I was compelled to travel there on business (nobody would go there for pleasure)  and I found there were no redeeming qualities.  None.  In fact, Bakersfield has the worst of everything.  Avoid this place.