Christmas 2005

Last year at this time, we were deluged by rainstorm after rainstorm.  Readers of this triplog may remember we almost got stuck in one of the local campgrounds when floodwaters damaged roads and bridges.  Not so this year.  The days have been sunny and warm, which is typical for December in Southern California.  We are certainly taking advantage of our good fortune.

Today was Tyler’s turn to go shooting with Grandpa.  After spending the night with us and an early breakfast, we headed for the Angeles Shooting Range, which is about an hour drive.  After a review of firearm safety and the operation of the .22 rifle, he proceeded to plink away for hours.  The range has a series of targets at various distances.  The metal silhouettes are always popular and provide instant feedback by ringing or moving when hit.  Later on, Tyler was picking off pieces of clay targets on a hillside at 100 yards.  Before leaving, I got out the Big Gun, a .223.  With it, Tyler was able to consistently hit a 12 inch gong at 100 yards, which is very good for an 11 year old.  In fact, when we were getting ready to leave, an adult shooter congratulated Tyler on his marksmanship.

Much of Jeanne’s time was spent preparing for Christmas, which means shopping, wrapping, baking cookies and the other usual tasks.  There was even some last minute panic shopping.  The family plans to gather at CeeCee’s on Saturday (Christmas Eve) for dinner and presents.

Recovering enough from illness and dental work, I finally felt well enough to head for the gym.  It is surprising how much a 10 day layoff can set you back.  Hopefully, recovery won’t be too painful.