Wonders of Wildlife

Jeanne was still not 100% and my knees were bothering me a little; this was all the excuse we needed to skip the workout.

After breakfast and a quick trip to Borders to update the computers, we returned to Bass Pro Shop to visit their Wonders of Wildlife display.  Housed in a building on the Bass Pro Shops grounds are displays of live and mounted animals with descriptions of their habitat and conservation efforts.  This is no small facility and seeing it all took the entire afternoon.  There were fish, reptiles, birds, insects, small mammals, amphibians and even a display of cave bats.  We were impressed and came away with an appreciation of habitat and conservation issues.  Especially interesting was how hunting and fishing license fees are the primary funding behind successful conservation efforts.  This facility is a great vehicle to show how regulated hunting and fishing has actually helped to restore wildlife populations.

In the early afternoon, we returned to the coach and kicked back for the rest of the day.