Turkey Legs and Catfish

After a quick breakfast, we met Faye and Don at their house.  The activity for the day was a drive to the National Battlefield park at Prairie Grove, which is southwest of Fayetteville.  Off we went.

The park was hosting a community fair and flea market and the vendors were getting warmed up for War Eagle.  Faye and Jeanne did a little shopping while Don and I toured the battlefield.  After walking around for a few minutes, I realized we had been here before on a previous visit.  The area is a typical mix of rolling hills and woods.

After a quick lunch of smoked turkey legs, chicken and nutritious funnel cake, we continued on our drive.  This is rural country and along the way a cow walking down the center of the road had traffic stopped.  To our surprise, the cow was in the middle of birthing a calf.  Before long, the sheriff showed up and called a veterinarian to help.  This is not something you would normally see on the freeway in Los Angeles.

After stopping at a small lake which was part of the Ozark National Forest, we had supper at an excellent catfish restaurant just west of Fayetteville.  It was a real treat.

The big race was tomorrow and we returned to the coach after an early dominoes tournament at Faye and Don’s house.