Travel to Ozona, Texas

Another travel day.

We were driving to Ozona, Texas.  The first part of the drive was uneventful, but gradually drove into wind, thick drizzle and even ice.  No doubt about it, the weather had changed.  We arrived in the early afternoon and the campground was clean and well maintained.  It was ok for the night but not somewhere to hang around.

On the way we discovered one of the quirks of the coach.  Ozona is on a large mesa of sorts and while making the climb we crossed from dry, warm air to cold, moist air.  The change was immediate and instantly fogged up the windshield.  While trying to locate the defroster, the layer of fog turned into small rivulets.  It got so bad, I couldn’t see well enough to pull over.  The only option was to steer straight and hope for the best.  It seemed like hours, but after a few minutes the defroster and several towels got the windshield under control.  We learned that if you need the defroster, it is probably too late.

Not sure about traveling tomorrow, the weather reports are looking grim.