Travel day to Saugerties

This was a travel day.

Before leaving, we were concerned about the emergency braking system on the Jeep.  After talking with a technician at U.S. Gear (manufacturer of the braking system) it seemed there was a bad connection between the Jeep and coach.  The six-wire connecting cable tested ok but further investigation revealed corrosion in the receptacle on the front of the Jeep.  A little WD40 and plastic brush seemed to solve the problem.  Just one more thing to keep and eye on.

We left the campground in Delaware, New Jersey around 9:00 AM.  The coach had a full tank of fuel and we immediately hit the road.  The interstate through New Jersey was almost as bad as I-10 through Louisiana and we really got bounced around.  The road improved a little after we turned north and finally smoothed out after crossing into New York.  We were happy to see New Jersey in the rear view mirror.

We stopped at a small KOA at Saugerties, New York.  The campground is old but the owner is obviously making improvements.  What a rip-off.  Almost $40 to camp in a 30 amp mud hole with no sewer connection.  Part of the property is a swamp we nicknamed Mosquitoville.  The entire layout of the campground was goofy with some of the campsites arranged in a circle around the dump station.  We hid out in the coach and waited for morning.

Contemporary note:  A few days after dealing with the jeep-to-motorhome connection, I discovered dielectric grease.  Commonly sold in automotive parts stores, it is a special grease that facilitates the flow of electric current through connectors — perfect for automotive applications.