Tia Babe’s

You never really know what to do for Valentine’s Day.  This year, since we are in Santa Paula, we decided to return to the venue of our first Valentine’s Day dinner.  Twenty-something years ago, we were living in Santa Paula and planned

Valentine’s Day cards at Tia Babe’s, 2006.

to go out for a nice Valentine’s Day dinner.  Problem was, it was pouring rain and most of the roads were closed.  We ended up walking two blocks to Tia Babe’s, a neighborhood Mexican restaurant where you can get a good meal and a severe case of heartburn for about $6.  It is a order-and-wait-for-your-number-to-be-called place that is clean, but certainly not a place to impress.  So, after exchanging cards we dressed in jeans and t-shirts and headed to Tia Babe’s.  Except for the price, it was just as we remembered it.  We even sat in the same saggy-seat booth.  Very romantic.

The past few days we noticed water leaking from the water heater and decided to call for service.  It was as we suspected, the hard Santa Paula water caused sediment in the tank which caused the temperature and pressure valve to malfunction.  We had the hot water heater serviced and all now seems to be in order.