The search begins anew

On the day after our arrival in Grand Junction, we re-acquainted ourselves with the layout of the town, contacted our Realtor and began looking for a place to live.  It was a strange experience.  Most of the properties we looked at in the fall were sold, but a few were still on the market.  Already familiar with the various neighborhoods, we could quickly eliminate some properties and do drive-bys on others.  Lana was available to let us into the few we wanted to evaluate in detail.  At this point, we feel that one property in particular meets our requirements; we may offer on it but need to mull it over.

In the few hours not spent looking for property, we ran errands, went to one of the local gyms for our workouts and caught up on season three of the Sopranos.  Nothing too exciting.  We’re also back in the land of nice people.  In fact, almost every interaction with the locals leads to a friendly discussion of some sort.

The weather here has been nice.  The nights usually stay above freezing and the days may reach the high 60s, which is typical for this time of year.  Any rain has been limited to a few sprinkles that make more mud-spots than runoff.