The Road to Grand Junction

When the morning sun defrosted the coach, we hit the road.  Our destination was Grand Junction and the route would keep us on US-50 for the entire day.

Shortly after leaving Gunnison, we approached Blue Mesa Lake, which is a 20 mile long reservoir fed by the Gunnison River.  After crossing portions of the lake several times and pulling over the 7,900 foot Cero Summit, the road finally straightened out.  Passing through Montrose, the road was a divided four lane highway all the way to Grand Junction.  And, it was downhill all the way.  What a relief, mountain driving requires your full attention all the time.

The campground is in the small town of Fruita, which is just west of Grand Junction.  After stopping to fuel the coach, we pulled in about 2:00 PM and set up.  We then headed straight for the Walmart Supercenter to stock up on groceries.

Upon return, the sun was off the front of the coach and I got about scrubbing the collection of smashed bugs from the windshield.  The weather here is dry and warm and they were cemented but good.  With the bugs gone and sunscreens installed, we are ready for a two-week stay.

Contemporary Note:  Someone once asked what it was like driving a motorhome.  After reflecting for a moment, I said it was like being six inches from disaster all day long.