The Lounge Chairs Must Go!

After all the time spent getting the coach ready, today was mostly a kick-back day.

The slightly overcast and warm morning was perfect for our workout.  After cleaning up, we ran errands to gather some last-minute things, mostly small stuff.

Back at the coach, we got into a conversation regarding what we should take with us this next year.  Much of the conversation revolved around the kayaks.  Recall that we cleaned out the coach and balanced the load in preparation for weighing at the FMCA rally.  With our total weight 2,000 pounds below maximum and well balanced, we have some wiggle room.  The issue now is deciding which toys to take along.  We finally decided to take the kayaks and a few golf clubs (not the golf bags) but leave the lounge chairs.  The chairs were a good idea but they are heavy and take up a lot of room.  We don’t use them that much anyway.  So, the chairs go and the kayaks stay.  Jeanne is happy.

With the decision made, we need to visit the storage facility in Ventura.  It is a 200 mile trip, so we will stay with the kids for one night — giving Jeanne one last chance to hold the baby before we take off.  We plan to leave early tomorrow morning.

We did have an interesting experience at Walmart.  Jeanne wanted a paper-photo of the baby made from a digital image.  There is a machine at Walmart for this, which looked easy enough to use.  With only 26 cents on the line we decided to give it a try.  It worked perfectly; I now have an excuse to avoid purchasing a high-quality color printer.

In the nothing-is-easy department, I returned to the auto parts store around 4:30 PM to pick up the air filter for the Jeep.  I ordered it yesterday and they promised it would be delivered this afternoon.  Silly me, I believed them.  Since we are leaving for Ventura tomorrow, this will have to wait for a day or so.  It’s the little things in life that are annoying.  Maybe someone out there can explain what is so f—ing hard about buying an air filter for a Jeep.

After loading the Jeep for the Ventura run, we spent a quiet evening watching TV and reading.