The House Sells

The house went on the market and sold in one day.  Really.  It sold in a few hours.

The buyers appear to be sincere and we hope to work with them to make the transaction as smooth as possible. A closing date of January 30 has been set and all the tasks related to the sale have been set in motion. We are trying to coordinate the sale of the house with delivery of the motorhome and hope for an overlap of a week or so.

In the meantime, we continue to clean out the house. Most of the big stuff is gone by now and most of the household items were sold at the massive yard sale in August. With the furniture and appliances gone, we are mostly living on camping furniture and using an ice chest, the small Bar-B-Que and camp stove for cooking.

Contemporary Note:  Hard to believe I grew up here.  It was a small house, two bedrooms and a den.  I shared a bedroom with my brother for a number of years.  Modest as it was, mom and dad worked hard for it and it was a source of pride.  Mom actually paid off the 30-year mortgage in 1985.