The drive to Homosassa, Florida

The drive was a short 80 miles and the weather was perfect.

There is no doubt that we are in South Florida.  The countryside has changed to something tropical.  The woods here are a dense tangle of pines, oaks, palms and vines and the air has a heavy feel.

We were expecting something relatively remote, but were surprised to find the area was somewhat developed with a mix of old, very old and new.  There is a feeling that the region is right on the edge of big-time development.

The campground looks marginal.  It looks like the season is over and many campsites look like they were heavily used, recently abandoned and wanting for maintenance.  The staff looks busy and I have no doubt they will straighten up the place over the summer.

During the night, we were awakened twice by a very noisy truck that appeared to be driving along the road outside the campground.  A morning inquiry revealed it was the “Bug Truck” the county uses to spray for various flying parasites.  The driver lives in the park and gives the area a double dose each month.