The Debbie Channel

Today being Memorial Day, we decided to stay put.  Whenever we had the urge to go somewhere, one glance at the traffic barreling down the highway would dissuade us.  Once in a while some trucker would lay on his horn for several seconds, while we cringed waiting for the sounds of impact.  However, by the end of the holiday we only saw one accident.

One of the campground hosts, Debbie, has befriended us.  After several long one-sided conversations, we concluded she is a nice person who means well, but she can suck all the oxygen out of a room in seconds.  We decided our encounters with her is like watching the Debbie Channel — All Debbie, All The Time.  As an example of how bad it got, I barely slithered away from her self-invite to Jeanne’s birthday dinner.  Whew, it was a close one!  Without going into a lot of detail, let’s just say it would spoil the ambiance.  I wish her and her family well.

The big highlight of the day was a trip to the Dairy Queen in Johnson City.  The place was a mess, but hey, how can they screw up a small hot fudge sundae?

With the holiday over, we’re looking forward to moving on.  Tomorrow we plan to get all the get-ready-to-leave chores out of the way before we head to town for the Birthday Dinner.  I hope the weather holds and the traffic dies down.