The day after Race Day

We slept late.  When we finally rolled out of bed, the morning was crystal clear with a cool breeze.  I was glad today was not a workout day since my legs were slightly sore from the 5K.  Oddly enough the insides of my thighs were sore.  How did that happen?  Do old guys run using muscles on the inside of their thighs?  No sweat, an Aleve would solve the problem.

The morning was spent fixing breakfast, doing laundry and preparing some long-overdue updates to this web site.  We set off for the internet cafe around noon.

Arriving at the cafe, I proceeded to set up the computers which need to be networked for internet connection sharing.  Right when the setup was complete, a group of women asked if I could move so they could push some tables together.  Saying nothing, I gave them the you-have-only-seconds-to-live stare and began to dismantle the setup.  After they repeatedly asking to help, I finally told them to keep their hands off the equipment.  It was damn inconvenient and by the time the update was complete I was tired of their room-filling chatter.

With the update and lunch out of the way, we drove north to check out the area around Bella Vista.  What we found, more or less, was a planned community for retirees.  No thanks, been there and done that.  The last thing we need is a yard Nazi complaining about empty trash cans at the curb past 10:00 AM on garbage day.

We returned to Rogers and landed at Faye and Don’s.  Our mail had arrived and we were pleased to find a Jeep ‘Care Package’ from Michael and Gwen finally caught up with us.  They had recently attended a Jeep sponsored event and sent us some Jeep promotional items.  The key clips, cup holders and Frisbee were immediately pressed into service and the Jeep ornaments will certainly make our Christmas tree look cool.  The package was thoughtful and very much appreciated!

After a dinner of leftovers from the several meals we recently had with Faye and Don, we got down to the serious business of dominoes.  Afterwards, we made some calls to our Florida friends and found everyone came through hurricane Francis o.k.  What a relief, the hurricane could have inflicted severe injury and property damage. 

We returned to the coach early and read a little before falling asleep.