We must be getting old.  A few late nights of partying and we spent the last three days dragging around.

The passenger side of the coach is fitted with a 20 foot awning we regularly use in hot weather.  It shades most of the side of the coach and makes it noticeably easier to keep the inside cool.  However, when the sun gets low the awning looses its effectiveness.  These roll-up sunshades can be fitted with a sort-of see-through curtain that provides shade when the sun gets low, but they are expensive.  Jeanne has been lusting after one for some time, but just can’t part with the money.  In Carson City she cooked up a scheme to use make one using a plastic-mesh material available at Home Depot for outdoor use.  The stuff is lightweight, loosely woven, UV stabilized, rot resistant and perfect for the intended application.  Jeanne bought the material in Carson City and planned to sew it together during our stay in Southern California.  She spent almost a whole day sitting at the sewing machine, but finally got it done.  Unfortunately, the spot we’re in is too small to deploy the awning, so we will have to test it later.  There is no doubt it will work.

CHFC sent some financial information and spent I spent an afternoon playing accountant.  There is a certain satisfaction in entering transactions, generating statements and reconciling accounts.  Hopefully the club will wisely use the data to manage their financial affairs.  In the end, I’m glad to give them a hand with this.

Working with the computer I got interested in XML, which is a type of data format originally designed to send information over the internet.  Thinking that it could be used if this web site was ever rewritten, I began to read about it.  Bottom line: Its a cool technology that is still evolving, but I don’t think it is a good choice to serve this triplog.

We were so tired from the late nights that we skipped a workout.  When I finally forced myself to exercise, it was not pretty.  In fact, it hurt.  But as ugly as it was, we got it done.  We must be getting old.

With our departure only a day away, one afternoon was spent preparing.  Jeanne did the laundry, I drained the tanks, we went grocery shopping.  If all goes according to plan, we will be ready to pull out on Thursday.