Sunday in Arkansas

The day started with good intentions. . .

Before leaving, I had a quick breakfast — sort of.  In the 5K goodie bag were two free coupons for a new Total cereal fortified with protein.  Jeanne picked up two boxes at Walmart.  I like Total and Total fortified with protein would be better, right?  Wrong!  The stuff was inedible.  It was like chewing a mouth full of spit wads.  There was no way to get your teeth through it.  After gagging on this stuff for ten minutes, I drank off the milk and sent the uneaten cereal to the Rogers, Arkansas landfill.  I normally don’t waste food, but this could hardly be classified as a food product.  The unopened box will be scattered for the local critters to eat.

The goodie bag also had a free one-day pass to a local health club.  The plan was to go to the gym for my workout and update the computers before meeting Jeanne at Fay and Don’s house.  I did chores around the coach while Jeanne did her workout.  Afterwards I dropped her off at Faye and Don’s before heading for town.

Still picking that nasty cereal out of my teeth, I arrived at the health club to find they were conducting Sunday services in the middle of the gym.  Somehow the venue seemed strange to me; I immediately headed for the exit.  On the way to the internet cafe I speculated about the sermon-in-the-gym.  Did it have some sort of fitness theme to it?  Was it about carrying a heavy burden?  Or loosing a heavy burden?  Maybe I should have stuck around to find out; it may have done me some good.

Updating the computers was just as hopeless since the internet cafe was closed on Sunday.

By this time I was getting hungry and stopped at a convenience store for a sandwich.  The sandwiches were sold out, of course, and there are no Sunday deliveries.  Strike three — I headed for Fay and Don’s.

I learned something about Sunday morning in the Bible Belt; don’t expect to get anything done.

We all piled into Don’s boat and spent the afternoon on the lake.  The weather was perfect and lake traffic was extremely light.  Jeanne and Fay had picked up fried chicken at Walmart that morning, which we ate after anchoring in a quiet cove.  I used the opportunity to go for a swim in the refreshing water.  In the late afternoon we headed back to the house.

After watching a Northwest Arkansas sunset, we returned to the coach and got to bed early.