Return to the coach

Suzi was at it again in the kitchen and whipped up some blueberry pancakes from scratch.  Good stuff.

It was time to move on.  Howard and Suzi were very gracious hosts and we very much appreciated the time we spent at their home.  We genuinely had a great time and enjoyed all the comforts of home.  We spent the morning packing up our things, doing some last minute laundry and saying our goodbyes.  Around noon we headed for the coach.

We had not spent much time at the coach and really needed the time to prepare for the road.  The first stop was a nearby Walmart Supercenter to stock up on food and supplies.  We had let the food run low since we expected to be away from the coach for a few days.  We used what was left of the day for the usual hit-the-road stuff that includes washing the windshield, check the oil, check the tires, determine how to wiggle the coach out of the campsite, etc.

Contemporary note:  Jeanne became very adept at guiding me into and out of campsites.  This is trickier than you would think — the guide has to stay in the view of the rear-view mirrors, anticipate the position of the rig and guide the driver using hand signals.  The goal is to park the coach close to the hookups, on level ground, straight in relation to the campsite and avoid any trees or bushes.  It is an art and requires total trust between driver and guide.