After getting home so late last night (or was it this morning?) we slept much later than usual.  From the start, it was obvious this would be a low-energy day for us.

After a leisurely breakfast, I returned to the auto parts store for the air filter.  Voila!  It was there!  It is now quietly resting in its place under the hood of the Jeep.

Scrounging as much energy as we could muster, we started moving things around in the storage areas of the coach to accommodate the kayaks.  It took about an hour, but eventually we got everything to fit.

With the last of our energy reserves, we barely made it to the pool.  The cool water was refreshing and the desert sun was warm.  Life is good.

For a change of pace, we had dinner at one of the local Mexican restaurants.  It was an excellent meal and very reasonable.  After watching a little TV, we went to bed early.