Preparing to leave Las Vegas

Tomorrow, we leave Las Vegas. 

Every time we stay in a place for a while, we sort of become attached to it.  It must be comfort with the familiar.  A few days before we move we have to wrap our minds around it, as if visualizing the discovery of some new place.  To be sure, our stay here was fun, but its time to go.

More and more, we talk about finding a place to settle.  We’re not exactly getting tired of our nomadic lifestyle, but it would be nice to be in one place with all our ‘stuff’ handy.  In a way, we miss the regularity of a permanent residence.  Last year we did some searching, but a lot of time was spent visiting family and friends.  This year we are serious about finding the perfect community to settle.  Will we find it?  Who knows, but at least we’ll be in some ‘good prospect’ areas.

Andy stayed with us on his return trip from Colorado.  After a very long drive, he finally reached us around 11:00 PM and headed straight for bed.  A stay in Vegas is not complete without a trip to the breakfast buffet, so this morning we went to Sunset Station and pigged out.  By 9:30 AM Andy was on his way to Ventura.

During the day, we did all the pre-move stuff like putting away the sunshield, dump the tanks and secure anything that can roll around.  Jeanne made one last trip for groceries.  We’re good to go.

We seem to meet people no matter where we land.  I even met someone while running, a fellow named Ron, who was in Las Vegas for the winter season.  He is an experienced runner who mercifully slowed his pace so I could keep up.  I very much enjoyed running with him and hope to keep in touch.  I wish him well.

Of course, with the good also comes the bad and ugly.  For the past few days we suffered from an especially bothersome neighbor.  Just the fact that some folks are alive and within 500 miles is enough to annoy us.  Maybe it was the awning that was flapping all night, or the joyful HELLO NEIGHBOR!, or the shirtless beer belly.  Maybe it all all these things.  Anyway, he left this morning to our great relief.  On second thought, living this lifestyle does have an advantage; you’re not stuck in a long-term relationship with your neighbor.

We spent the evening reading and watching TV before falling asleep to dream of the open road.