Our Week At Cottonwood Cove

We’ve been at Cottonwood Cove for about a week.  This is a nice place with lots to do.

We spent one day exploring some of the mining roads in the Jeep.  The trails weren’t all that rough but the Jeep Jamboree experience sure helped.  There are lots of old mines in the area and some are easy to get to with a 4×4.

One day we launched the kayaks on the maiden voyage.  It took about 45 minutes to set up both.  We were very pleased with them and spent most of the day on the lake.  They were exactly what we wanted.  We were even bold enough to cross the lake, which was fairly wide.  The water was crystal clear and we could easily see the bottom along the shore.  Too bad we didn’t have the kayaks when we were living in Florida.  Even the locals were impressed with our kayaks.

Ron and Mary Fennell stopped by on their way back to Oklahoma.  It had been a long time since we saw them and it was great to catch up.  They plan to be on the east coast later in the year and maybe we can hook up.

We are continuing with the workout routine and found the best place to run is along a powerline maintenance road in the middle of the desert.  I never thought we would be running through the desert in the middle of nowhere, but the surface is perfect — almost like the track at Birmingham High School when I was a kid.  Strange how things work out.

Searchlight is a very small town.  This was the first time we picked up our mail at general delivery and it worked perfectly.  The Laundromat in town was sparkling clean.  We were surprised to find no grocery store, just a few items at the Terrible Herbst fuel station/mini-mart/casino.  We had to make a few trips into town because the campground was out of cell-phone range.