Old Town, Florida

The weather cleared and we spent our first day exploring the area.

After scouting out a perfect fishing location we traveled to Chiefland, which is a small town nearby with a Walmart Supercenter.  On the way back, we stopped at the Manatee Springs State Park and were surprised to find a huge natural spring that emptied into the Suwannee river.  There was lots of wildlife there and we saw a manatee, turtles, fish and even a few snakes.  We ended up spending several hours walking around the grounds and along walkways through the cypress swamps.

Our second day here was spent very quietly.  After our workout and light lunch at a (the) local cafe, Jeanne was assigned to laundry detail and I was assigned to catching dinner.  Jeanne was successful with the laundry but I came away empty handed after doing so well catching crappie the previous evening near the campground.  How quickly things change and we were forced to have steak fajitas for dinner.