Move To Ventura

We moved from Valencia to Ventura on February 4.  This is a really nice park and staying in Ventura gave us a chance to say goodbye to the family and finish getting the coach in order.  The place is beginning to feel like home and we have a good idea where everything is.  We spent most of a day unloading and repacking the storage areas underneath the coach.  Andy cut some boards to use under the landing gear; they were very much appreciated.

The weather has been perfect and we have been continuing with our workout routine at the local parks.  Before leaving Mom’s house we both bought new running shoes and my pair seem to be much easier on the knees.  The Pilates, weights and running seem well adapted to the lifestyle.  And, cutting down on the business lunches seems to have a beneficial impact on the waistline.

We got a nasty surprise.  It seems the Presidential holiday and Valentine’s Day hit on the same weekend and we can’t find a place to stay locally.  The plan was to spend another week in Southern California but fate is forcing us to move on.  After a long discussion we decided to find somewhere remote to hide out for the holiday.  Remote means Nevada.  After a few calls, we booked a week in a place called Cottonwood Cove near Searchlight, Nevada.  It is at the north end of Lake Mohave, about 14 miles east of Searchlight.  This is just about as remote as you can get.  We have no idea what is there.  And so, the adventure begins.