Moriaty, New Mexico

The skies cleared and the winds abated.  A check of the local weather channel confirmed it had been cold, the low for the night was 35.  We hit the road early and our only stop in Amarillo was a Flying J to fuel the coach.

This stretch of I-40 is well maintained and we made good time.  At about the Texas/New Mexico boarder, the terrain changed from prairie to high desert.  Suffering from boredom, we listened to bored truckers chatting on the CB radio.

We had been climbing all day into a stiff headwind and the loss of power was noticeable, as was the poor fuel economy.  By the time we stopped outside the small town of Moriarty, New Mexico, the elevation was 6,180 feet and I estimate we had used an additional $40 of fuel.  Adding insult to financial injury, I had a screaming headache.  After setting up, I tried to get some sleep.

The rest of the evening was spent reading, watching TV and getting the coach ready for tomorrow.