Life returns to normal

When living in a 38 foot motorhome, one night with a four year old is interesting but two nights is cruel and unusual.  Shortly after breakfast, we headed for CeeCee’s to drop off Marley and get an update on the baby.

Excellent news!  The baby passed the soiled-diaper test with flying colors, so to speak.  All systems were go, or going as the case may be, and now the hospital couldn’t get them out of there fast enough.  Heather, Danny and the baby arrived home to a collective sigh of relief.  Finally life could return to normal.

Jeanne and I did some Thanksgiving shopping before returning to the coach, where we spent a quiet afternoon.  Our life could also return to normal and we began making plans for the rest of our stay in Southern California.  We look forward to visiting with our friends and getting back on a regular workout schedule.

We grilled some fish for dinner and watched a movie before falling asleep.