Leaving Carson City

It has been about a week since the last update.  I wish there was something interesting to write about, but we spent the past week quietly trying to stay warm and thinking about our future.

An icicle hanging from the water compartment in the coach. There was a slow leak in the hose connection that froze overnight.

We hoped the weather would begin to warm up, but it was not to be.  The cold weather persisted and even the locals were grumbling.  One morning we were at the gym doing our workout when it started snowing.  One night it got down to 20, which was the coldest night since we arrived.  I had to take in the water hose so it wouldn’t freeze and we piled blankets on the bed.  The wind constantly blew, sometimes strong enough to rock the coach.  There was no way we could use the grill or play outside for any length of time.  Compounding the problem, we started running low on propane.  We didn’t want to move the coach to fill the tank, so we decided to closely monitor our propane use, which means lowering the thermostat.  At least the coach is well insulated.

Our trip to Carson City was not wasted.  Our stay here turned out to be a test of living in a cool climate and we learned it is not for us.  This particular spot is very cool, dry and at altitude.  The surrounding area is nice to look at, but we don’t want to live here.  Talking with a local real estate broker confirmed our decision.

So we started wrestling with the “What Next” question.

We concluded that if the purpose of the trip is to find a place to settle, then traveling further north is pointless — unless we just want to do some sightseeing.  Well, after we settle somewhere we can always go sightseeing; the immediate issue is finding a place to live.  After much discussion, we decided to head back to the two areas we liked the most, Texas and Arkansas to look for property in earnest.  We feel good about the decision and look forward to getting on with the plan.

Jeanne wanted to see the grandkids again so we plotted a route that will take us back to Santa Paula, where we plan to spend about a week before heading east.  Once we make it over the Sierras, the weather should warm up and travel should be easy this time of year.  The trip to Santa Paula should take about 2 1/2 days.  We leave Carson City tomorrow.

Usually our meals are prepared in the coach but during this last week in Carson City, we decided to try some of the local restaurants.  Some were good, one was disappointing and none were memorable.  The Basque restaurant in Winnemucca was our best meal in Northern Nevada.

Eventually the replacement hinges arrived and repairs were completed to the overhead storage compartment.  We appreciated the coach manufacturer, Monaco, sending two extra hinges for future repairs.  Problem solved, until next time.

Jeanne’s sister, DeeDee, is getting married and Jeanne finally finished the wedding gift she was working on.  For obvious reasons I can’t reveal the nature of the gift or post a picture, but trust me when I write that it turned out beautifully.  Pictures and description will be posted AFTER the wedding.

Years ago, while living in Florida, we applied for and received our Concealed Weapons permits.  The application process involves taking a class, demonstrating firearm proficiency, fingerprinting, photos, a background check and a three month waiting period.  Our licenses expire at the end of June and the renewal process requires, among other things, new passport-type photos, which we had taken at the photo kiosk in Walmart.  We were shocked.  Who were these old people in the photos?  How did this happen?  After some discussion, we decided these were poor quality pictures.  The ultimate irony is we don’t even own a pistol to conceal.

Our final day in Carson City started on a cold, clear morning.  Leaving for the gym, I noticed something hanging from the bottom of the coach.  Closer inspection revealed it was an icicle.  It seems the hose connection was slowly leaking during the night.  Thankfully none of the other water lines were leaking and the drip stopped when the connection was tightened.

The rest of the day was spent doing the usual get-ready-to-leave things.  We look forward to getting back on the road.

Contemporary Note:  Jumping ahead in the story, we eventually did settle in a place that was cool, dry and at altitude.  Never say never.