Last Days on Mustang Island

We really enjoyed our last two days in Port Aransas.

One day it threatened rain and we even got hit with a few drops, but that didn’t put a damper on our fishing expedition.  Jeanne mostly stayed in the car reading but I fished using lures.  The hip boots we used to fish the streams in the Eastern Sierras were just as effective in tidal mud flats of South Texas.  Didn’t catch anything, but the fish kept biting off the ends of the plastic lures we were using.  The Getzit on light tackle was gone in one gulp.  Something out there has very sharp teeth.

Without anything to show for our fishing expedition, we headed for one of the local fish restaurants in town.  We were somewhat disappointed by the meal but enjoyed the evening out nonetheless.

Our last day we drove back to Corpus Christi to run errands and stock up on supplies for the coming week.  That evening, the air cleared and we could see for miles on our evening walk along the beach.

We very much enjoyed our week on Mustang Island, but it is time to move on.  Our next destination is Palacios, which is a small town between Corpus Christi and Houston.  There is no particular reason we’re going there except that it is an easy drive, remote and I pointed to it on the map.  So, the adventure continues. . .