Last Days in Palacios

The highlight of the past few days was side-trip to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.  The tour showed us the historic Mission Control Center and the main training facility.  We had viewed all this before on television growing up, but actually being on the site was special.  The NASA facility in Houston is very different from Cape Canaveral.  It seems Houston is focused on research, training, administration and mission control.  Cape Canaveral is much bigger and focused on operations.  We hope to revisit Cape Canaveral on our trip through Florida.

One day the weather forecast called for thunder storms, so we stayed close to Palacios.  Before the rain started, we explored the area and found several really nice homes along the bay shore.  The rest of the time was spent running errands and preparing to move on.

Our plans call for several travel days before landing in the Florida panhandle.