Las Vegas

We woke to another perfect travel day.

The drive from St. George to Las Vegas is only about 120 miles, so we lingered before hitting the road.  We gained an hour by crossing into the Pacific time zone at the Nevada border, so there was plenty of time to kill.

Due to our long stays in Arkansas, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction, the level-sensors in the black tank were not functioning properly.  We concluded ‘stuff’ was stuck to the sensors.  I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to determine what ‘stuff’ is.  Anyway, the plan was to flush the tank and fill it 3/4 full with clean water.  Hopefully the sloshing action during the short drive to Las Vegas would clean things up.  By 10:00, we were on our way.

The drive along I-15 parallels the Virgin River through a deep, steep canyon.  The drive is scenic, but loaded with dangerous grades for trucks.  We slowly picked our way along the winding road.  Suddenly, you emerge from the canyon onto a straight-shot highway through the Arizona/Nevada desert.

After living in remote areas for the past several months, we forgot about the Las Vegas smog.  A brown haze blanked the city.

The RV park is on the south end of town and we crossed through the entire city to reach it.  It is more of an RV resort really, complete with pools, activities, clubhouse and other amenities.  It will be a comfortable place to stay for the next two weeks.  We checked in, parked and set up.  Draining the black tank revealed the sloshing trick worked — the sensors functioned normally.

After three days of driving, we stayed in the coach, watched TV and enjoyed the wireless internet.  It was a two beer afternoon.

We look forward to hooking up with our friends, Nick and Barbara, sometime tomorrow.