Hogeye, Arkansas

The past two days was spent looking at real estate in the morning and visiting with Faye and Don in the afternoon.

One trip took us south of Fayetteville near the small town of Hogeye.  One particular piece of land, about 38 acres, had merit and we walked most of it.  As she was crossing a small creek, Jeanne was surprised by a black snake slowly slithering in the water, its skin glistening in the sun.  To minimize the number of ticks, we kept to the cleared paths but despite our efforts, some of the blood sucking parasites hitched a ride on us.  We were able to get them off in time.  Ugh!  However, on reflection, the property would have been quite a challenge to clear and improve before building.  It was close, but no cigar.  We would try again before moving on.