Good news, Bad news and ping-pong

This was one of those good news and bad news days.

Several months ago, we began to notice a small amount of oil had been leaking from the Jeep.  Since we were going to spend some time in Springfield, it was an opportunity to have the leaks repaired and to perform some other routine service on the Jeep.  We dropped off the Jeep in the morning and in the afternoon, we got “The Call”.  Bottom line, there are three leaks, all fixable, but we would have to hold onto the rental car over the weekend.  No problem.  Jeanne had to make some changes in our schedule, but it should be do-able.  At least the work is covered by the extended warranty.

Howard was working and Suzi had to pick up Alex from computer school, so we spent the afternoon at their house catching up on paperwork, scheduling the next several weeks, updating the computers and doing laundry.  Spending the day at the house was a godsend and we really got a lot done.

That evening, in another stunning display of her culinary skill, Suzi prepared a BBQ pork loin that had been in marinade for what seemed like three weeks.  What a feed!  No knife was needed.  Thankfully the table was cleared before I lost all self-control and schnorked down what was left.  The blueberry cake dessert was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

During dinner, Alex gave a full report on his computer seminar.  The classes were interesting and beneficial.  Surely the information he picked up will help him understand and use computer equipment.

The ping-pong tournament commenced immediately after dinner and East thromped West 2:1.  West demanded a rematch to take place within the next two days.