Feather Fest

No more excuses, it was back to the workout.  We woke early and got it out of the way just as the sun was peaking through the trees.  This is the perfect place to run.  The well-maintained roads are lightly used, the terrain is hilly and trees provide shade.  We also see lots of wildlife.  Jeanne scared some deer and I jumped over a snake making its way across the road.  It was like something you would see in a running magazine.  You know, smiling runners on a scenic stretch of road.  Only we weren’t smiling.

After cleaning up and a quick breakfast, we headed to Faye and Don’s house.  Readers may remember that we visited with Faye and Don last year.  Jeanne and Faye were co-workers in a previous life.

The big event of the day was attending the Feather Fest in Springdale, Arkansas.  Here’s the deal:  Several poultry processors, Tyson being the largest, are located in the area.  Each year they sponsor a Feather Fest street fair.  While vendors offer their wares and high school bands play, there is a cookoff using chicken donated by the processors.  For free, the public can munch on chicken wings cooked by contestants.  What was most impressive was the cookers designed and assembled by the locals.  These were some truly awesome cooking machines.  Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures.

After returning to the house, we played dominoes.  The outcome was never in doubt.

We returned to the coach around 9:30 and immediately headed for bed.