Drive to Las Vegas

Yesterday, the weather cleared and we used the opportunity to do our workout.  However, with more rain on the way, we decided to use the break to head for Vegas a day early.  We very much enjoyed our Cottonwood Cove experience, but it was time to move on.

We would be staying in the town of Henderson, Nevada, which is part of the greater Las Vegas area.  At about 60 miles, it was not a long trip, but the pull from Cottonwood Cove to Searchlight was 15 miles all uphill in low gear.  Overall the trip took about 90 minutes.

The RV park we pulled into is about two years old and has obviously been designed by professionals.  Occupancy is high and there are many late-model high-end coaches camped here.  This will be a comfortable place to spend the next two weeks.  Best of all, there is a huge public park right across the street that is perfect for our workouts.