Drive to Gallup, New Mexico

It was really cold last night, but the morning was clear and promised to be a good day for travel.

The drive would be a short one, about 120 miles, from Farmington to Gallup, New Mexico.  After driving a short distance west, the road to Gallup is a straight shot south through high desert.  Most of the surrounding area is Indian reservation and seems mostly deserted.  Oddly enough, there were several hitchhikers on the reservation.  This was the first time we saw hitchhikers in any numbers during out travels.  It was a good thing we fueled in Farmington, since the towns were few and far between.

The prominent geologic feature for the day was Ship Rock, which is a regional landmark you can see for miles in the distance.

After a long and uneventful drive, we turned onto I-40 heading west through Gallup.  The RV park was designed to accommodate big rigs and we quickly set up.  Our dinner was re-heated leftovers from Farmington.

Once again, it got cold the moment the sun went down.  The GPS confirmed we were camped at 6,456 feet.  The night would be a cold one and we piled extra blankets on the bed before snuggling in.