Drive to Delaware, New Jersey

The last two days have been interesting.

Monday, July 5 was part of the Fourth of July weekend and the campground was still full when we did our morning workout.  Since we got a late start, we skipped breakfast and headed for Lancaster to update the computers.  By the time we headed home, it was late afternoon and hunger drove us to the highly-recommended smorgasbord in the small town of Blue Ball (I’m not making this up).  For $13 each, we ate way too much rib-sticking food and were rolling in agony for the next several hours.  It had to be a 5,000 calorie meal.  Returning to the coach we found the campground cleared out.  I mean empty.  Even the drunk neighbors — the very ones who wanted to see how much smoke the campfire would generate — were gone.  We spent a quiet night watching TV.

Early the next day, we set off for a campground along the Delaware river near the small town of Delaware, New Jersey.  Even sticking to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the roads were narrow, rough and crowded.  After some unexpected delays, we finally pulled into the campground around 2:00 PM.  The campground is old but very well maintained and is set along the bank of the Delaware river.  After setting up, we walked the around and were surprised to find the grounds were bigger than we thought.  After a dip in the pool and dinner of BBQ chops, we read and watched movies the rest of the evening.