One of the reasons we return to Santa Paula each year is to take care of all the administrative and health related things that are part of modern life.  The past week was mostly devoted to these tasks.

On the administrative side, we had to take care of our driver licenses.  My driver license renewal notice said I needed a new picture and thumbprint along with a $25 dollar fee.  Usually I renew via mail, but homeland security laws are forcing states to require personal visits for verification.  Jeanne had a different issue.  When she last renewed, the DMV printed our Texas mailing address on the face of the license.  More than once she had to explain why she had a California driver license with a Texas address.  This was her opportunity to straighten it out and have a new license issued with a California address.

Our DMV visit was relatively painless.  Jeanne made appointments via the internet and we were mercifully in and out of the place in about 20 minutes.  Not bad.

The medical appointments were for routine checkups and tests.  In one week we took care of eye exams, the dreaded dentist and some routine tests.  No big surprises here and after some follow-up visits, we should be good to go for our return to the road.

Aside from the appointments described above, we spent the week quietly hanging around the coach, running errands and visiting family.  With Christmas coming up, our schedule should be full until the end of the year, but we expect it to clear in January.  Hopefully we’ll get all the have-to issues off the table by year end.