We finally caught a break in the weather and the morning sun rapidly warmed things up.

Eventually we made our way to the gym, but somehow I just didn’t feel right.  The weights and Pilates left me gasping for air and feeling like a lump of Jell-O.  There was no way I was getting on the treadmill.  Wouldn’t you know it, the first time we land in a place where we have to spend time indoors, I get the flu.  We cut it short, showered and headed for the coach stopping for something to eat along the way.

With regard to eating places, you never know what you will get when on the road.  It was already close to 11:00 AM and we wanted to stop for brunch since neither of us wanted to bother with cooking at the coach.  Nothing fancy, just your basic ham-n-eggs.  Our usual tactic of looking for the local place with a parking lot full of pickup trucks hasn’t failed us yet.  This time it did.  The place was crowded but the meal was underwhelming.  Really, it was downright disappointing.  I guess you really can screw up breakfast.

We wanted to salvage something of the day so before returning to the coach we cruised one of the local neighborhoods that overlooked the town and the Sierras.  The properties certainly had a commanding view of the area and I can see why people like it here.

We returned to the coach to hole up for the rest of the day.  I slept, read and watched TV while Jeanne worked on a wedding gift for her sister.  That evening we watched a DVD before falling asleep.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.