Clean Jeep and Doggie Treats

At midnight, we woke to find a motorhome had pulled in next to us and was maneuvering to set up.  This went on for over 30 minutes and included a backup beeper.  We were just about to share our thoughts with our new neighbors when they finally shut it down.  We were wide awake for the next two hours.

We were tired and slept late.  Once we got started, we ran some errands in town before going to Faye and Don’s house.  They weren’t back from running their errands so we let ourselves in.  Thankfully, their dog, Roxanne the Rottweiler welcomed us and she was rewarded with a doggie treat.

For months now, we have been taking the Jeep to spray-washes, but it was long overdue for a through cleaning.  We finally got the chance at Faye and Don’s and I got on with the task.  The back of the Jeep was full of cleaning stuff, including the vacuum.  Two hours later, the Jeep was sparkling inside and out and the vacuum was two pounds heavier from all the gravel and sand extracted from the carpet.  This is no exaggeration.

Eventually Faye and Don returned and we had dinner with them at Appleby’s before returning to the coach.

All in all, it was a nice lazy Arkansas day.

Returning to the campground, we found it was absolutely packed for the Labor Day weekend.  All the RV spaces were taken and there were only a very few tent sites still open.  Kids were everywhere running and zooming around on bicycles.  We will have to endure this for the next few days.