A quiet day at the Louisa campground

The weather changed and the morning greeted us with a cool, dry breeze.  How refreshing to do our workout in cool, dry air!  It was as if we could run forever!

The campground is located on hilly ground and is a much larger than we expected.  The gravel paths that wind through the campground (and around a 25 acre lake) are perfect for running.  This was the first time we ran in hilly country and happily found that we were up the the challenge.

The weather was so nice, we decided to stay at the campground and enjoy the day.  After our workout and a late breakfast, we read, fished and lazed about.  Late in the afternoon, we began to prepare the coach for our next move.  However, maneuvering the coach into our current campsite was a challenge — I have no idea how we’re going to get out!