A day in Marble Falls

For once we caught a break and had a cool, overcast morning for our workout.  Taking advantage of it, I ran a little longer than usual.

After cleaning up, we spent a quiet morning at the coach having a leisurely breakfast followed by preparations for tomorrow’s departure.  This was a nice place to stay, but we were ready to move on.

Around 2:30, we headed for Marble Falls to update the computers, do a little shopping at Walmart and have a ‘Birthday Dinner’ at Russo’s, one of the better restaurants in town.  We also took a little side trip to Kingsland, which is one of the towns along a string of lakes in the area.  A little background: a string of lakes were formed when the Army Corps of Engineers built a series of dams along the Colorado River (a different Colorado River than the one separating California and Arizona).  The lakes aren’t big, but they are picturesque when set against the oak-covered rolling hills in the region.  Marble Falls and Kingsland are two of the towns bordering these lakes.  Anyway, Kingsland looked like just one more small town in central Texas.  Running short on time, we didn’t stop to explore.

We had an outstanding Italian meal at Russo’s while we enjoyed a view of Marble Falls and the surrounding area.  It was all very memorable and romantic.

Returning to the coach, it was still light enough to do some last-minute chores, which included hooking the Jeep to the tow bar.  We got to bed early in anticipation of a long travel day.