A day at the beach

The day got off to a slow start but ended well.

With the exception of a quick trip to Home Depot for a polarity tester, we hung around the coach in the morning.  In the afternoon, we went to the beach at Delray.  The beach was warm, but the water was refreshing and we spent most of the time playing in the gentle surf.  About two hours of sun was all we could take.  After returning to the coach and cleaning up, we had a great dinner at one of the local Italian restaurants.  On the way home we rented Kill Bill and settled in for a quiet evening watching the movie.

Contemporary note:  The reader may ask what a polarity tester is.  Well, it is used to test electrical circuits — specifically household circuits.  A typical household plug has a hot, neutral and ground connection and not wiring the circuit correctly can result in electrical shock and damage to equipment.  It is best to test the circuit before plugging in and the polarity tester does this.  Click here for more on polarity testers.

We found that about 20% of the 20 and 30 amp connections in campgrounds had some sort of problem.  The tester was well worth the six dollar investment.