A/B Switch

We got up early and found the coach was covered with a layer of dew.  It doesn’t quite feel like South Florida, but its close.  Wisely, I got the workout out of the way before the sun turned the billions of airborne water droplets into tiny magnifying glasses.

After cleaning up and a quick breakfast, we headed to town.

Living in a movable house has its challenges and TV reception can be one of them.  We have three options for television: satellite, cable and antenna.  Our preference is satellite since cable is not always available and viewing local stations via the antenna is marginal at best.  Conveniently, the coach is equipped with a satellite dish that automatically finds the signal.  All you do is turn the system on, wait a few minutes and begin viewing.  It works great, provided there are no obstructions.  If there is anything blocking a clear view of the southern sky, we can’t get the signal.  The solution is a movable dish, which the coach is pre-wired to handle.  All I needed to do was install an A/B switch to select either the automatic or movable dish as the signal source.  Easier said than done.

As usual, money solves problems.  The switch, a short length of coaxial cable and a crimping tool were all purchased at the nearby Lowe’s.  It took about an hour to install and test the switch.  Tomorrow is the big test when we hook up and test the movable antenna.  I sure hope all this works, or it s back to the drawing board.

We also stopped at the local H-E-B for groceries.  After the big, new H-E-B in Fredericksburg, the Livingston store was a disappointment.  We’ll be back to the Walmart Supercenter in a few days.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging around the coach hiding out from the heat and humidity.  Jeanne read while I caught up on the CHFC bookkeeping.

It mercifully cooled down in the late afternoon.